AVP Schedule 2013
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Time To Take A Stand

Photo Courtesy of Volleywood.com

Photo Courtesy of Volleywood.com

Disappointment abounds over the announcement of the 1st AVP event of 2013. Hooray! There’s another event…oh, what’s that? It’s on the same weekend as the Hermosa Beach NVL event…that was scheduled 3 months ago? I wish I could say I’m surprised.

I’m not trying to be negative…I’m trying to bring some light to this ridiculous situation. So far in 2013, there are 4 events on the calendar for the NVL and 1 for IMG/USA volleyball. They have been there for months. You would think that the AVP staff would be capable of looking at the season and try to setup an event that does not conflict with a pre-existing date. Instead, they are paying the top players to show up and once again segmenting the sport. I would love to know how this is supposed to help develop a sustainable future for our sport.

Where is the so-called “governing body” of USA volleyball? Why isn’t someone stepping in to say, sorry new kid on the block…we aren’t going to sanction that event. Does someone have their hand in the cookie jar, again? Or has our sport just turned into a free-for-all? No wonder the FIVB has been avoiding an event in the US. We can’t even work together when there are only 5 scheduled domestic events!

The sport of beach volleyball has seen the rise and fall of many professional domestic tours. Unless Donald Sun has a bottomless pot of gold, the newest version of the AVP will be another flash in the pan. The common cause of their failure is the un-willingness to work together with others.

The last time I checked, this business model does not last. It only serves as a payday to those few close minded, short-sighted people at the top of the food chain. Those are the same people who grant last minute entrance into a tournament to a player because of their status. Unfortunately, that same group of players who get preferential treatment are enabling these so called business men, to use and abuse their short lived power trip. I understand that the top players have to make a living and that the easiest, most immediate way to do that is to play for the highest bidder. That’s the way it has always been. Even though the volleyball world is a very small community, those at the top rarely look out for those under them. This leaves the other 95% of the players frustrated and voiceless. (unless you have a blog, like me).

The ONLY way that our sport will ever flourish, is if the fans and players band together and take a stand. Please go to the AVP facebook page, USA volleyball page and the NVL page and leave a comment. We have to let these people know that we care. Our passion for this sport is the only reason that beach volleyball has survived as long as it has. The greed and misuse of assets is going to kill our sport once and for all if we don’t speak up.