AVP Schedule 2013 | Pro Beach Volleyball
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Wait…there’s more!

Tarin AVPForeword: Please understand where I am coming from. I have no alliance to any tour (despite the fact that many people think I used to work for the NVL, which I never did.) I want to share information with you from an un-biased point of view. Sometimes my passion gets me a little fired up though. I am so torn about the current situation. Yes, I am happy to see that the AVP has announced a tour schedule. I am disappointed that there are date conflicts and that they haven’t released any specifics. I will play in every event that I can. I love to play. End of story. However, the discussion about how we are going to create a future for our sport is long overdue.

The 2013 AVP schedule has 2 date conflicts with the NVL. Hermosa Beach and Las Vegas, Best of the Beach event. They also have not released any information about the events regarding format, prize money, sponsors, eligibility, etc. This leaves a lot of room for speculation and assumptions. It seems as though all of their events are 2 day events and are going to be invite only or small draws. How are these teams chosen? Is it based on a qualifier the day before, 2 weeks before or just who they like more?

What the AVP is saying here, is that they do not care if they overlap with any other events. Why? Because some of the top players have signed NDA’s (and maybe a contract with an exclusivity clause in it?). It sounds like their intent is to stop the top players from supporting any other tours. This is a bold move.

Again, I must ask how this is productive or will help grow our sport in any way? How are players below the top 8,16, 24, or 32 (depending on draw size) supposed to break into the top level? Some of the most memorable matches that I saw growing up were upsets. Many fans love to root for their local underdog. All I’m asking for is a little communication from the AVP.

Many of the fans have asked why the AVP doesn’t have an event in Chicago, Hermosa or Manhattan. There is a long process for a permit, that must be applied for by a certain date, unless you have a contact with the city that can squeeze you in. This also presents a problem for the NVL, as changing the date of an event can be near impossible.┬áThe question for the NVL is do you try move your dates, keeping the players and fans best interest at heart, or do you stand your ground?

We will see how this goes down in the days ahead…

P.S. – I want to add the following details for the NVL events, since this was a good question that deserved an answer. Thank you Paul Baxter.

  • NVL Hermosa is a 32 team draw, qualifier Friday, with $100,000 prize money
  • NVL Ohio will have a Friday qualifier as well
  • Texas and Las Vegas are Best of the Beach format with details TBA.