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Smack makes my favorite bikinis to play beach volleyball in. They are cute, comfortable and there are a variety of styles to fit every body type. Feel free to mix and match too! Get creative and show off your style.

A1A Logo v2 Black

They weren’t kidding when they said they’re considered “The World’s Most Comfortable Activewear”. These shirts are lightweight, keep you cool, they’re odor resistant and they look great! Perfect for a day of beach volleyball.


Mikasa is the official volleyball of the NVL and FIVB international beach tour. Want to play like the pros? Get your Mikasa of choice and start playing! Mikasa – The name behind the game.

These fun, comfortable glasses are just the thing to protect your eyes playing beach volleyball or just cruising down the strand. They come in a variety of colors and all have a story behind them.

Core Power Logo

With so many protein shakes on the market today, Core Power stands out from the crowd with all-natural ingredients. Sweetened with honey, lactose & gluten free, and delicious too! Fuel your body with the highest quality ingredients & feel the difference.

Sand Cloud Towels were designed for the everyday beach goer, but for beach volleyball players & fans, it is a must-have item for your beach bag. Doubling as a sarong and a beach towel, these beautiful sidekicks feature a hidden pocket to keep your belongings out of the sand.

Why Should You Sponsor Me?

Outdoor volleyball tournaments take place all around the country, all summer long. When top players are in attendance, they become as much the team to beat, as the team to emulate.

  • I have a nationwide network of fans, friends and family that are my biggest supporters. I post updates via all my social media platforms and my personal website, creating a very specific demographic for your products.
  • I can create You Tube videos and/or video blogs to share my newest adventures, all while displaying your product and telling everyone how much I love it and how to get it.


Volleyball Fans Demographics

I interact personally with thousands of people throughout the year, but who are they?

Volleyball attracts the wealthy, healthy and educated. Anecdotally, the sport is big in beach towns, in sports clubs, in expensive youth clubs and in colleges. The typical Beach Volleyball fan is:

  • 70% Under age 40 (SMRI)
  • 81% Attend/attended college (SMRI)
  • Male/Female: 55-45%
  • Average HHI-$102,313 (SMRI)
  • 89% of AVP fans qualify their feelings for sponsors as Very Positive with 74% more likely to buy sponsor products
  • According to the AVP’s 2008 study, the typical fan / player of volleyball is upscale, active, early adopting, brand loyal, trend setting and health conscious


There’s No App For That!

You probably wouldn’t be surprised that opportunities for personal interaction constantly present themselves. I use my visibility and fun, outgoing personality to introduce people to new products. It’s like having a personal marketing team for your product! I create a fun, comfortable atmosphere where people can ask questions and enjoy trying something new. I can also take advantage of photo opportunities with product placement.


Social Networking and Mobile Marketing

Throughout the course of the summer we play in tournaments almost every weekend from March through September. This includes traveling to a variety of different cities and events. So how do we stay connected and share our exciting experiences, you ask? Like this…

  • Facebook (2,100+ personal friends plus a volleyball specific fan page)
  • Twitter (223 followers and growing!)
  • Personal Website
  • You Tube videos are on their way!

I will send out updates on current beach volleyball happenings, tournament location, official player parties and result announcements as the season goes along.


How Can We Work Together?

There are a variety of options. The average Pro Beach Volleyball season costs approximately $10,000 per player, just in travel and training expenses! So, every little bit helps.