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Tarin Keith

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The Pursuit of Volley-Bliss

Whether you are a junior player, college standout or pro beach player, finding "Volley-Bliss" can be tricky. Athletes, by their competitive nature, are constantly comparing themselves to the very best...

BANNED From The Sand

I just found out yesterday, 8/20, that the AVP declined my entry into the Manhattan Beach tournament this coming weekend, even though I had registered on 8/11 and my partner...

Wait…there’s more!

Foreword: Please understand where I am coming from. I have no alliance to any tour (despite the fact that many people think I used to work for the NVL, which...

Time To Take A Stand

[caption id="attachment_462" align="alignright" width="356"] Photo Courtesy of[/caption] Disappointment abounds over the announcement of the 1st AVP event of 2013. Hooray! There's another event...