NVL Beach Volleyball | NVL Dallas 2013
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NVL Dallas – 2013 Season Opener – Updated with Brackets

T & A

Tarin & Aurora in Turks & Caicos for Volleyball Vacations 2012

I’m headed to Dallas tomorrow to play in the 1st NVL event with my partner and great friend, Aurora Skarra-Gallagher. (Yes, we’re team T&A). I can promise that there will be witty banter, off color remarks and plenty of shenanigans. Oh yeah, we’re playing volleyball too. The 2013 season is off to a late start in comparison to those past, but that doesn’t mean I’m not equally excited. There are 31 women’s teams on the entry list and 27 on the men’s side. The seeding hasn’t been released yet, but I will add it here once I get it. You can see the mens and women’s entry list below. There are some very good teams on the list and I am expecting some great matches.

ENet Live will be providing the online streaming video for some of the NVL matches. I am excited to announce that I will be doing the commentating when I am not playing! I got to do the announcing last year at the NVL Las Vegas, which was an absolute blast. Make sure you tune in on Saturday and Sunday to watch your favorite athletes play (including me!).

Winning!I’m very excited to compete again. Sometimes, I have to remember why I am so passionate about this game. Obviously it’s not for the fame and fortune…I play because I love the sport and the people. The┬ácamaraderie between the players & feeling of community exists in a very unique way for volleyball players. As players, we experience an emotional roller coaster from extreme joy to major disappointment. What defines us is how we respond to these feelings. I don’t always handle a loss very well…ok, fine…I am a horrible loser. If you’ve ever played any game against me and won, you may have witnessed this first hand. Not in the Charlie Sheen, maniac kind of way, but you might get the silent treatment or laser beam looks that women are so good at. I have grown through these experiences and realized that losing is a necessary evil that has helped me become a stronger more driven player.

Special thanks to my newest sponsor, PEAR Sports! I am super excited to see how many calories I burn during a tournament. If you aren’t familiar with PEAR, check out my sponsor page for more info and a special discount for my family, friends and fans.


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